History of The Brawley Estate

Espy Watts Brawley founded the Estate in the early 1900s. The home was ordered from Sears and Roebuck, back when you ordered homes from catalogs. It was shipped to Mooresville by train and assembled on site piece by piece. The Brawley Family transformed the spacious land with a little bit of elbow grease into their charming home and decided to call it Lawndale. Mr. Brawley was never one to sit idle, running the bank and starting a flour mill in Mooresville. The flour mill still runs today and produces all the flour for a southern donut company that we all know and love.

Unfortunately, over the years, the house went into disrepair. But, it was added to the national historical registry as a historical site. At the turn of the century, the current owners were inspired by the Brawley’s family story, and purchased the property. They wanted to stay true to the Brawley’s love for their family. Using that same elbow grease that inspired the first home, they restored the Estate to its former glory and built the pavilion as an event space to bring their friends and family to come together.  As their family grew up, they needed to partner with a professional management company. La-Tea-Da’s was the perfect company to embrace the charm of the Estate. Janet and her mother Chrys are no strangers to family-owned businesses, they started a Tea shop in Charlotte 25 years ago that has transformed to a premier family ran catering company. Today, we are here to bring together friends, families, and coworkers to celebrate major life moments.

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